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Helping to solve family disputes

Mediation helps reduce the emotional and financial strain of separation and divorce by providing a professional and impartial mediator and a safe place to help you discuss and agree arrangements for the future.

The neuclear family

What is Mediation?

Why choose 1st Mediation?

How much will it cost?

Almost always a fraction of the cost of using lawyers or courts because:

  1. You pay one mediator between you instead of two lawyers
  2. Communicating directly with your partner is quicker
  3. No extras to pay for. Unlike solicitors, we don't charge for writing letters
  4. Arrangements agreed in mediation last longer so there will be less risk of needing mediators or solicitors in the future

The process starts with you and your partner being invited to an initial assessment meeting, sometimes called a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting or MIAM. You can come to this meeting together or separately, but you will always speak to the mediator privately.

This is an opportunity for you to find out more about Mediation, but we will also provide lots of information about other services and options, such as Collaborative Procedure and court procedings. Even if you don't mediate, this can help you decide where to go next.

Only if you, your partner and the mediator agree, will mediation begin.

There is a charge of £75.00 each for a joint assessment or £100.00 each for separate assessment, following which we make no charge for the first 30 minutes mediation. You should allow an hour to 90 minutes for your assessment meeting.

The standard charge for mediation is £190.00 per hour, but it can vary. Most mediation sessions last between an hour and 90 minutes and most couples will have 3 or 4 meetings spread over several weeks.

Please ask for more information.

Helen Jackson1st Mediation is part of 1st Solicitors Limited.

Helen Jackson is the principal mediator and has specialised exclusively in family matters for more than 20 years. She has been a member of Resolution (an organisation of lawyers committed to addressing family matters constructively) for many years. Helen is also an experienced Collaborative Family Lawyer.

Helen is supported by her co-director in 1st Solicitors Limited, Nigel Rostance. Nigel has a broad legal experience including family matters and provides business and legal support.

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